Cree Governance
Have Your Say
What People Are Saying

Grand Chief Mathew Coon Come, Bill Namagoose, Abel Bosum, and William Mianscum and the Cree Nation Governance Working Group are tasked by the Cree Nation with creating a new governance model. They are committed to making sure that their work reflects the people’s voice.

As Grand Chief Coon Come has said:
“We are asserting our rights, not waiting for someone to tell us we have them or not, and we govern ourselves as a government, providing services and support to our people. It is important that we remember this is not a package we’ve already decided on and are asking the people to ratify. This process is all inclusive. When we bring people to the table, we’ll bring our elders, our youth, and our women. We work as a family unit, the traplines are based on a family unit, and we need to maintain those values.”CNGWG

Chair, Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon Come